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Oktoberfest Etiquette: Do's and Don'ts for First-Time Attendees

Oktoberfest, with its vivacious atmosphere and rich traditions, is a spectacle every reveler looks forward to. But for first-timers, navigating the cultural nuances of this grand Bavarian festival can be a tad overwhelming. Whether it's raising your beer stein the right way or joining in the traditional dances, there's an unspoken etiquette that enhances the Oktoberfest experience. As West Los Angeles gears up for its own rendition of this iconic celebration, here's a guide to ensure you make the most of it, especially if you're planning to attend the most exclusive Oktoberfest event in town: The Plan B Oktoberfest.


1. Dress the Part: Embrace the tradition by donning Lederhosen or Dirndl. It's not just about blending in; it's about celebrating the spirit of Oktoberfest.

2. Toast Correctly: When clinking beer steins, look your fellow reveler in the eye and say "Prost!" It's a sign of respect and camaraderie.

3. Engage in the Traditions: Join in the dances, sing along to the folk songs, and immerse yourself in the festivities. Oktoberfest is all about collective joy.


1. Overindulge: Oktoberfest is as much about the beer as it is about the cultural experience. Savor your drinks and know your limits.

2. Misbehave: Remember, you're in a classy gentlemen's club. Respect the venue, the performers, and your fellow attendees.

3. Forget to Book in Advance: Popular Oktoberfest events, especially ones as upscale as Plan B's, get booked quickly. Ensure you reserve your spot early.

Experience Oktoberfest the Plan B Way

Nestled in the heart of West Los Angeles, Plan B stands out not just as a premier classy gentlemen's club but as the epitome of an upscale Oktoberfest celebration. Here, the traditions of Munich meld seamlessly with the modern flair of LA, offering attendees an Oktoberfest in LA that's both authentic and avant-garde.

For the discerning older gentleman familiar with the nuances of such elite establishments and the younger man eager to delve into Oktoberfest's vibrant culture, Plan B promises an evening that's both traditional and trendy. It's where the timeless customs of Oktoberfest meet the contemporary vibes of West LA events, ensuring an exclusive LA Oktoberfest experience like no other.

Every detail, from the music to the menu, is curated to perfection, reflecting Plan B's commitment to offering an Oktoberfest celebration that's in a class of its own. And as you navigate the do's and don'ts of Oktoberfest etiquette, Plan B ensures an environment that's both welcoming and wondrous.

Join the Oktoberfest Festivities at Plan B

The anticipation for Oktoberfest is building, and West Los Angeles is abuzz with excitement. As you gear up to dive into the festivities, remember that Plan B awaits, ready to offer an Oktoberfest experience that promises tradition, taste, and unparalleled sophistication.

And for those eager to kick off their Oktoberfest journey on a high note, a special treat awaits. Book your spot before October 6th, and your inaugural drink is on the house, ensuring you commence your Oktoberfest experience in style.


*Step into a world of tradition, revelry, and unmatched elegance. Join us at Plan B for an Oktoberfest celebration that promises memories for a lifetime. Book now and be part of the legacy.*

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